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Approximately 4800 ft2 of laboratory space is available for micro- and nanomachining, related chemistry, and device diagnostics and experiments in Chapman Hall. More than 2900 ft2 of Class IV laser laboratory is available for device diagnostics and experimentation. Eight lasers with associated optical detection systems are available for fluidic device experimentation and spectroscopy. In addition, this laboratory includes a time of flight (tof) mass spectrometer (Waters LCT Premier) and a quadrupole-ion mobility tof instrument (Waters Synapt G2) for mass spectrometry-based experimentation. Also available is 14 linear feet of chemical fume hood space for fabrication operations including photoresist application, developing, baking and removal, substrate cleaning, wet chemical etching, etc. A 500 ft2 Class 10000 clean area dedicated to microfabrication within the Ramsey group space is available. Three laminar flow hoods with Class 100 performance provide enhanced clean space within this area for assembly of micro- and nanoscale devices. There is an additional 330 ft2 of Class 10000 space for bioanalytical related analysis with two additional laminar flow hoods. A chemical/biochemical preparation laboratory is available for synthesis and preparation of biological related materials including tissue cultures. An additional 1000 ft2 of laboratory space is available in Caudill Laboratories and dedicated to development of a miniature mass spectrometer. This space includes three class 100 laminar flow hoods for device fabrication, an electronic workstation and a macro machine tool area.

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