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Department of Chemistry

Microscale and High Pressure Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry is the gold standard for discrimination of chemical compounds. Its specificity and accuracy is desired in a number of applications including homeland security, environmental monitoring, and industrial process monitoring. The micro mass spectrometry group in the Ramsey lab is working toward a true hand-held man-portable mass spectrometer so that portability and specificity are available in a single platform.  Although several academic and commercial efforts have smaller mass spectrometry systems, true miniaturization will only be possible with turbo pump elimination.  Toward this end, the micro mass spectrometry group has developed unprecedented high pressure operation of all system components: ionizers, mass analyzers, and detectors.  This work continues with both theoretical and experimental efforts directed at optimization of the nascent field of high pressure mass spectrometry (HPMS).

Subgroup Members

Tina Stacy Dmitriy Chernookiy
Yury Desyaterik John Perry
Rob Musser  

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