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Nanofluidics: Single Molecule DNA Characterization

Fluidic devices that incorporate nanochannels with diameters below 100 nm are useful tools for single-molecule characterizations of biological macromolecules.  The Ramsey Group has been developing platforms that force the extension of DNA molecules through nanoscale confinement.  Focused ion beam milling is used to fabricate nanochannels with critical dimensions as small as 5 nm.  The precise control of both feature width and depth enables patterning in three dimensions.  Past studies have investigated the fundamental behavior of DNA molecules in these confining systems.  Our current efforts are directed at utilizing these nanofluidic devices for interrogating large chromosomal DNA fragments.

Subgroup Members

Laurent Menard Mike Schotzinger
Ambalika Khadria Larry Zaino
Meisha Mandal  

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